KPHQ 11 Dead by Silence- God is Dead

Artist Dead by Silence

Label Kakophreniq

Release date 15 th October

Format digital

ANT 046 Dead by Silence – The evil cult of crossbreed ep

Artist Dead by Silence Label Antistatic Format digital Release date Soon >Tracklist Dead by silence – you are dead Dead by silence – Lord of the pit Dead by silence – the evil cult of crossbreed Dead by Silence – Kill the Banksters

XNRI renoise instrument growly bass

here is some growly bass for you


send me a mail if you have a tunage with this instrument



Making a good hardcore kick

A good kick is essentialy two part a sub bass and a mid range bass. so to have more control it’s better to use 2 layer.
for the sub you can use anything that look like a sinus like a 808 kick or a sin with a pitch env. Compress and distort slightly that’s it
For the mid range get creative use fm, multiple distortion, filter like bandpass or notch automat thing than bounce
that is it !!!

KPHQ 10 Dead by Silence – Kakophrenikus Dubcorus

KPHQ 08 Dead by Silence – Fight for Justice out now

KPHQ 07 Dead by Silence – Worst tunes out now

my new release is out now

Expect four furious crossbreed tracks full of madness, relentlessness and massive bass to tear out the deahtfloor

check it out on junodowload

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    HI !

    I'm Dead by Silence a Paris, France producer of hard and dark electronic dance music for the deathfloor

    My style is based on a heavy blend of Darkstep, Industrial hardcore and metal with a touch of drumstep/dubstep. me love the brootalz wooble. I blend everything that get the dancefloor raving, moshing and smashing!

    No compromises, No prisonners. My sound is the decadent sound track of a dying world. The ultime last scream of the machine that man is becoming more and more in the crazy world he has created. These bass want you to get mad cause when the rave ends it's the daily greay world that is mad

    If you want to book me check my Contact page.

    for a more complete bio check my Biography


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